Tell Me More About Hypnosis

Need to know more about hypnosis? Here are some facts which might help you to understand what hypnosis is, and more importantly, what it is NOT! . Everyone can be hypnotised, it’s a natural state… . Even focusing on your ‘concern’ as to whether or not you can be hypnotised is a ‘focus of attention’ […]

Breathing Therapy

” If you would foster a calm spirit, first regulate your breathing; for when that is under control, the heart will be at peace; but when breathing is spasmodic, then it will be troubled. Therefore, before anything, first regulate your breathing on which your temper will be softened, your spirit calmed” [Kariba Ekken]

We can’t be calm and anxious at the same time…

It sounds simple..yes…but think about it….it isn’t possible to be anxious and relaxed at the same which option sounds more pleasing to you? How is this achieved? fostering a sense of calm through the use of breathing techniques, mindfulness and self-hypnosis. ‘Tummy’ breathing is a lovely’s how babies breathe…letting the tummy rise and […]

The Power of Thought

……….Over the years working as a therapist, I have always been aware of the power and great influence of our thoughts. They affect our outlook on life, energy levels and our health. It seems so simple..’think positive thoughts’…but it takes a bit of getting used to, especially when we have been ‘programmed’ to expect the worst […]